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Starts January 15th, 2023




+ 2% of all gift card sales over $200




+ 1.5% of all gift card sales over $200 per month




+ 1% of all gift card sales over $200 per month

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Frequently asked questions

Is the $200 fee minimum based on total gift cards processed or monthly gift cards processed?

The $200 minimum is based on monthly gift cards processed. The way it works is if you process more than $200 worth of gift cards in a given month you are charged 2% of the amount over $200. An example is if you process $300 of gift cards in a month, then you will be charged 2% of $100 which is $2. The minimum then resets the next month and you are able to sell $200 of gift cards fee free again.

What is considered a processed gift card in iziGift?

All gift cards created through iziGift care considered processed.  This means gift cards sold, issued or given away. That said, as mentioned above you will only be charged a fee on the processed amount over $200 every month.

Is the fee based on my currency?

All fees will be charged based on US Dollars because that is how Shopify works. That said, your minimum will also be calculated based on US Dollars. That means if you are in a country like India where the exchange rate .012 US Dollars to 1 Rupee, you will not be charged a fee until you pass $200 US Gift Card Dollars sold, not when you sell 200 INR.

Which plan is best for me?

Currently, the main difference between the plans is the fee structure. This means unless you are selling thousands of dollars worth of gift cards, the best plan for you is probably the Starter plan. Over time, the plans will receive more differentiation based on feature set.