Simple pricing for all your needs



  • $0/month + 2% of all gift card sales
  • Enable Customers to Email Gift Cards to Recipients
  • Customize Gift Cards to Meet Brand Style
  • Issue Gift Cards to Customers


  • $9/month + 2% of all gift card sales
  • All features from Free Plan
  • Remove iziGift Branding from "Send as Gift" button
  • Enable Gift Card Balance Page


  • $49/month + 1.5% of all gift card sales
  • All features from Starter Plan


  • $299/month + 1% of all gift card sales
  • All features from Pro Plan

Frequently asked questions

What is considered a processed gift card in iziGift?

All gift cards created through iziGift care considered processed.  This means gift cards sold, issued or given away. That said, as mentioned above you will only be charged a fee on the processed amount over $200 every month.

Is the fee based on my currency?

All fees will be charged based on US Dollars because that is how Shopify works. That said, your minimum will also be calculated based on US Dollars. That means if you are in a country like India where the exchange rate .012 US Dollars to 1 Rupee, you will not be charged a fee until you pass $200 US Gift Card Dollars sold, not when you sell 200 INR.